Friday, October 19, 2007


Hey!!! you there,squinting at the screen to read my article.


If you are intelligent enough you should be utterly confused because it can mean many things.Either i'm going to talk about money related matters or am I asserting that money is of importance?...thus saying that money does matter.

However thats not all my friend,it could also be the case that in the hurry of delivering this article I forget to append a sickle(sorry,i meant question mark) to the title.That would make it sound quite a query and would make me appear a confused soul.

Talking about queries ,i wonder if all queries arise out of confusion.In the same breath, i realise that queries also come out of complete ignorance.The possibility of ignorance-induced queries is rare though because of our over-inflated egos.Ego?.....oh my God how can i ignore queries put forth with ego to let down others.'Queries' are also something that haunted me last year since they were part of my engineering syllabus and remind me of that subject called DBMS (Database Management Systems) of which they were
part of.(database querying deals with searching,adding and performing other operations on computer databases).The funniest part of the lectures covering the topic of queries was the fact that they ended with so many queries about queries.Whether those queries were satisfactorily answered was again a debatable query and so was the result for that paper.

The above para if read aloud would sound quite like a tongue twister.Now,I have a query to all of you who might be Guiness Record freaks>>> Do i get a Guiness record for max use of the word 'query' in a single para?? or atleast a LImca record??.

Jokes apart, coming back to the menacing title, I would like to point out that a hatrick of exclamatory marks after the title (MONEYMATTERS!!!) would have made it look like a revelation from a man enlightened,akin to EUREKA!!! by Archimedes, the Greek Scientist.Thats because all people do not realise the worth of money.

This title has indeed been very consuming of our energies , i need a break.My apologies for speculating the title of the topic but not discussing the topic .Frankly speaking ,i dont think money matters and i dont believe it worth to discuss money matters,but things do change and maybe in the future i may write something sensible to do with money ( or atleast something that earns me some money).Till then,your suggestions regarding other possible interpretations of the title are welcome .........Adieu


Sanket said...

aan nu mare

Siddhi said...

hey nice one!
it was really funny.... one of those which have a discussion without any topic at all...