Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poor Old MTV !!!

Hello all :).. wel..the good days have begun finally !!! naturally im talkin of the post-exam days..when there's no tension.. nuthin to worry about.. all peace!!!
I was wondering wat to write in d blog.. about the bloody inflation or the football fever.. after all.. there's so much goin on these days..watchin tv is almost everyone's favourite passtime.. i dont disagree on that.. but i have a question
There was a time when it truly embodied te word 'Enjoy'.. Now its no different from the other crappy channels..Roadies got over.. fine that was tolerable..apart from the 2 psycopaths.. of course im talkin abt that baldie Raghu & tht ex-roadie RanVijay..
But this new crap they have cm up with.. Splitsvilla.. or watever.. WAT THE FUCK ?????
For those of u who dunno wat its all about, leme sum it up for u.. there are a bunch of 20 gals..i dont wana use "hot" or gudluking cz alldont fit in them..and there are 2 guys.{both luk as tho amone's pukedon them !!}. Big losers according to me..The gals "compete" among themselves for these 2 losers.There's something like a Dumping ceremony where one after one gals getdumped! Naturally , u can predict wat happens next!the gals walk off tearfully into darkness.. as thou the world has cometo an end.the rest o the gals jus go on to dating the guys.. bitching about each other.. screw it i don wana say more!
The first time i saw this i could just think.. wat a spectacularlyMINDLESS show!!!!!!!!!
Probably these are just a reminiscent of those reality shows like Temptation Island {used to cm on Star world}..
Whatever happened to the Hindi movie spoofs and cyrus' Bakra .. etc..

Well, i can jus say that the best thing about television now is that theres a remote.. which u can always use.. i think Travel & Living has a number of worth-watching shows rather than MTV. Sadly, the channel we all used to luv watching has definitly lost its humour..energy.. sense, EVERYTHIN actually!

Newy, thats all for now.. c u soon..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Literary world etc. etc. ( by Floyd)

Its been a long time since i've written on my blog ... and I am still wondering what I should write .... actually there are two types of writings - 1) writing for oneself and 2) writing for others .

Writing for oneself is also what one would call expressing oneself , its therapeutic for the writer because he/she can give a vent to his/her feelings thus acting as a catharsis . Osho Rajneesh in one of his discourses pointed out that reading such "cathartic" works would burden the reader rather then enlighten him . Whereas,reading scriptures or books on spirituality broadens ones perspective and helps in finding joy in life.The people who write for oneself however find greater fan followings and hence bigger cheques. Its a depressed world looking for even more depressing stories. Hindi film director Karan Johar has this mantra for success that if you make the audience cry, you go laughing to the bank ... and isn't that damn true!!!

When people write for themselves they many a times try to dump their confusion on their loyal readers . One big example of this is the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.I dont know how a school teacher can have such a wild imagination to imagine such occult/weird stuff. She must have surely been a witch doctor is some rural part of India in her last birth (haha).It is sad that parents encourage their kids to read such books when in India we have so many beautiful epics.

Paulo Coelho,the famous author of the novel THE ALCHEMIST also seems to be a confused soul.His books seem to be a cocktail of christianity,islam,indian spirituality,sufism and his own experiences , though I must say he does a good job in putting together the spiritual ideas with an interesting storyline .

Well, in the absence of things to write about I feel i have already said enough ... Its no doubt that today the literary world is fully commercialised and the idea is to give the readers what they want so that the bank statements of authors and publisherslook better every month .

Thats all I can say for now ... would love to know what's your take on what I wrote .... Thanks and Take Care ... See you soon