Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perspectives On Flattery

This article is will surely remind you about the piece I wrote about bitching months back .Well , one way to look at flattery is to see it as one of the techniques or tricks used by people to scale ladders with ease , just like bitching. Flattery is synonymous with sweet talk and adulation ( atleast that’s what the dictionary says ).

Flattering a person in my opinion is to shower him/her with praises ( all of which may not be genuine) . In Konkani , we use the term Fuloi to mean flatter but fuloi also means to inflate , which gives us a gist of what this entire business is aimed at . The person who flatters definitely aims to influence and win over a person . In other words , inflating the ego of the other person . So it is not surprising that bitching and backbiting find flattery as a worthy companion . In most organizations , from the dingy government offices to the suave corporate world , the people who call the shots are the ones who resort to this lethal combo I’m talking about here ( the dosage may differ !!!).

All said and done, there are two sides to any coin .

Haven’t you ever experienced the feeling when somebody praised you?

Didn’t it feel great at that moment?

Getting flattered is falling into a trap, but it feels good I must say . Praising others genuinely is infact a very positive thing to do .If God is in every person , then praising a person implies praising the almighty in him. So flattery aint that bad after all . ( Nothing is good or bad !!! .. its what we make out of it that makes it bad or good) .

Finally I have to say this – The world may change but people will people will continue to flatter and get flattered … Am I right ???

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