Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi Friend !!!

Greetings for Eid , Holi and Easter.

Well , I must say that this month of March is really a happening one.

Dhoni and Sacrificial lambs

Today is Maundy Thursday which is also the traditional Passover festival for Jews.As I was perusing the papers i saw this article about our Indian captain MS Dhoni sacrificing a goat in a Ranchi temple to celebrate India's victory. There was a time when I used to idolise Dhoni as a winner and as style icon to the extent of even growing my hair like him , but his recent acts have made me think otherwise.

So,is animal sacrifice justifiable ?

Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankarji answered this same question beautifully , "Animal sacrifice doesn't imply sacrificing Innocent animals but sacrificing the animal within us"

That says it all and is what celebrities like Dhoni and the Nepali king should realise and stop such cruelty in the name of religious sacrifice.
( To Dhoni: "Annihilate the animal within you that makes you look like a fool chasing immature starlets like Deepika Padukone")

Bulls and bears and bearing the

I recently came across this term called "Bear Market". From what I
understood , a market under recession and not doing well like the
current one is called a bear market and a more flourishing market is
called a Bull market.Bulls and bears are indeed very dreaded animals.

Leaving you with these thoughts about money , animals and animal instincts I bid adieu , but promise that I'll be back soon .

See You .. take care!!!!

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