Monday, November 19, 2007

Love For Animals ( By Floyd )

Hey Folks !!!

Animals are so lovable yet not loved .. not loved by man . Love for animals is a major turn-on in any person for me . Animals exude innocence and loyalty that is very rare in humans.

I remember Swami Sukhabhodananda in one of his discourses ,how he pointed out the feline grace of a cat's walk and the "smily" wag of a dogs tail . According to Swamiji,these simple regular gestures (should i say traits?..not sure) of animals had so much of meaning and conveyed so many wordless emotions that man can never convey through words.So true!!!

Thats all i gotta say friends .. love Animals for they reflect the Almighty's love.

I end with the beautiful words of a wise friend i once met in this journey of life ,its about animals and here it goes:

Julius has a dog named rusty
Who’s in luv with a B….. named laila
Faithful laila will play with you
And laugh with you -- or cry.
She'll gladly starve to stay with you
Nor ever reason why.
And when you're feeling out of sorts
Somehow she'll understand.
She'll watch you with her shining eyes
And try to kiss your hand.
her blind, implicit faith in you
Is matched by her great love--
The kind that all of us should have
In the Master, up above.
When everything is said and done,
I guess this isn't odd...
For when you spell 'Dog' backwards,
You get the name of God.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Preoccupied mind....

hey ppl...

Earphones in ur ear.. ur lying in bed and drifting off to sleep listening to your
favourite music.. this is definitely heaven for me....
Its this "study leave" as they call it when u tend to appreciate music o any sorts
Be it the whale song, the sound of waves breaking on the shore... or the torture of ur
dad singing songs in the loo... jus about anything is acceptable to u except opening
ur damned text book..

I'm sure the start o my blog says it all. As the saying goes.. there are 2 ways to looking at things,
half empty or half full, death-the end of life or the beginning of life without
you. When people say time is money, they sure mean it. In fact, that is an
understatement. Time is MORE than money... though im saying so i dont
seem to be utilizing my time to the fullest.. atleast in terms o usefullness... ;0(

Apologies for my tendency to proceed simultaneously in twenty different
directions while neglecting to stick2the point and by the end of it,
the topic gets lost smwhre in the messy mishmash that I have, by then,
made of all those thoughts that were hitherto loosely suspended somewhere in the
dark interiors of my really overcrowded but underutilized brain... ;(

And so the Sem exams 'l be shrouded with dilemmas of a person who
just cannot focus on the task at hand at the moment.
Yes, in other words, i’m spoilt. Just like many of you are, stop denying it.

Study,movies, novels, pleasure,clubbing, roamin streets with friends...its harder
to choose "studying" when you’ve got so many more enthralling options. Studying for
the forthcoming exams is easily sidelined...

These study holidays are the times wen thots abt my future troubles me the most..
i see many o my seniors who have walked past this stage of answering exams so
comfortably & without any worries...i c them raking in millions.. all those names
"TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, LnT, Accenture, Honeywell,... i cud ramble on... seem like
some kinda dreamthat an never be a reality.

i'm troubled by the thoughts tht this circus life as a student will come to an end soon (by soon i mean another 2 yrs) and i'll be enveloping myself in a spiral of a directionless compass which
will lead me some place that i don't know yet...........