Sunday, February 3, 2008

Views on News ( by Floyd)

Hi Friend

Im back earlier then u expected ... right?? ...

Akshaye Khanna , Batter cars and Greenhouse
I read in today morning's newspaper that the thinking actor Akshaye Khanna has decided to use the battery car REWa to travel in Mumbai city for his shoots . I dont kno if Akshaye actually intends to endorse REWA cos hes not much into the endoresement bandwagon . Maybe it is sangat ka assar , his close friend Anil kapoor never does endorsements.


Shed a tear or two

The other day i was sad to see a void at my bus stop . Recently an overtaking bus met with a horrible accident at the same spot , the driver escaped the scene but an innocent schoolboy in the bus died on the spot , his brains literally got splattered all over the place , not a sight i would want to witness.
Im sure our irresponsible authorities after the usual drama let the driver free , but they needed to blame somebody , they needed to punish somebody and they found a good old tree on a nearby turn,the innocent trees absence aint makin any difference to the traffic scene. I wonder if it makes any difference to people like me who stand at the bus stop . I wonder if anyone felt sad or has shed a tear or two for our big green friend who was made to leave with no trace behind.


2 days back on NDTV i saw the news about some internet cable getting cut underwater leading to disruption of internet services in India. That really disturbed me and made me wonder about this wonder called the internet.We talk about great scientists like Newton and Einstein but it is funny that we still dont acknowledge the fathers of the internet , the people who invented the TCP/IP protocol and other services.

Orkut v/s Facebook
I also learned an interesting fact on that same news show . I learned that even though the orkut v/s facebook debate rages ,there is no definite way anyone other than the companies running these sites can determine the total no. on each of these social networking websites.
I wonder if there are math wizards who could churn up some formula to find that out.