Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poor Old MTV !!!

Hello all :).. wel..the good days have begun finally !!! naturally im talkin of the post-exam days..when there's no tension.. nuthin to worry about.. all peace!!!
I was wondering wat to write in d blog.. about the bloody inflation or the football fever.. after all.. there's so much goin on these days..watchin tv is almost everyone's favourite passtime.. i dont disagree on that.. but i have a question
There was a time when it truly embodied te word 'Enjoy'.. Now its no different from the other crappy channels..Roadies got over.. fine that was tolerable..apart from the 2 psycopaths.. of course im talkin abt that baldie Raghu & tht ex-roadie RanVijay..
But this new crap they have cm up with.. Splitsvilla.. or watever.. WAT THE FUCK ?????
For those of u who dunno wat its all about, leme sum it up for u.. there are a bunch of 20 gals..i dont wana use "hot" or gudluking cz alldont fit in them..and there are 2 guys.{both luk as tho amone's pukedon them !!}. Big losers according to me..The gals "compete" among themselves for these 2 losers.There's something like a Dumping ceremony where one after one gals getdumped! Naturally , u can predict wat happens next!the gals walk off tearfully into darkness.. as thou the world has cometo an end.the rest o the gals jus go on to dating the guys.. bitching about each other.. screw it i don wana say more!
The first time i saw this i could just think.. wat a spectacularlyMINDLESS show!!!!!!!!!
Probably these are just a reminiscent of those reality shows like Temptation Island {used to cm on Star world}..
Whatever happened to the Hindi movie spoofs and cyrus' Bakra .. etc..

Well, i can jus say that the best thing about television now is that theres a remote.. which u can always use.. i think Travel & Living has a number of worth-watching shows rather than MTV. Sadly, the channel we all used to luv watching has definitly lost its humour..energy.. sense, EVERYTHIN actually!

Newy, thats all for now.. c u soon..


Floyd said...

hey gr8 post .. n i fully agree with u ... its really mindless ... watch out 4 my next post .. ders more on dis

scribe said...

hmmmmm....good work!!

aathira said...

whoa.. nice work gal.... n i totali agree.. crap isn the word to describe this shit!