Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi Friend !!!

Greetings for Eid , Holi and Easter.

Well , I must say that this month of March is really a happening one.

Dhoni and Sacrificial lambs

Today is Maundy Thursday which is also the traditional Passover festival for Jews.As I was perusing the papers i saw this article about our Indian captain MS Dhoni sacrificing a goat in a Ranchi temple to celebrate India's victory. There was a time when I used to idolise Dhoni as a winner and as style icon to the extent of even growing my hair like him , but his recent acts have made me think otherwise.

So,is animal sacrifice justifiable ?

Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankarji answered this same question beautifully , "Animal sacrifice doesn't imply sacrificing Innocent animals but sacrificing the animal within us"

That says it all and is what celebrities like Dhoni and the Nepali king should realise and stop such cruelty in the name of religious sacrifice.
( To Dhoni: "Annihilate the animal within you that makes you look like a fool chasing immature starlets like Deepika Padukone")

Bulls and bears and bearing the

I recently came across this term called "Bear Market". From what I
understood , a market under recession and not doing well like the
current one is called a bear market and a more flourishing market is
called a Bull market.Bulls and bears are indeed very dreaded animals.

Leaving you with these thoughts about money , animals and animal instincts I bid adieu , but promise that I'll be back soon .

See You .. take care!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thats Some +ve attitude eh ?!?

There are days in each one of our lives where we feel its the end of the world.. it seems as though your floatin to the dark side of the world .. nothing really matters.. you try the futile attempt of easing the troubled mind..

Then the unnamed feeling
It comes alive
Then the unnamed feeling
Takes me away

I'm frantic in your soothing arms
I can not sleep in this down filled world
I've found safety in this loneliness
But I cannot stand it anymore

The song was playing in my head for quite sometime.. i was perusing the day's paper but hardly doing so.. cz my thoughts were elsewhere..when suddenly an article caught my attention..Well, to be honest, the title wasnt very captivating.. "Positive attitude a Self reward " i thought it was just another attempt to stop the innumerable suicide attempts that our generation was indulging themselves in..Yet again there was something in that article that made me focus on what i was reading..
here goes... (do read it)

"An old man was walkin along the seashore when he came upon a part of beach where there were plenty o starfish was ashore. Little further.. he saw a young woman frantically picking up the starfish one at a time & throwing them in the water again.the man surised by this exclaimed "you silly girl, u cant possibly save them all. there are too many of them. It wont make a difference."she paused for a second then picked another one tossed it in the sea &said "there.. i made a difference to this one !"the old man could only jus shake his head in awe."

well, not only was he awestruck, so was I. i guess at the end of the day all that really matters is how u take things in life. No matter how insurmountable things may be, its just your attitude that makes all the difference.We should learn to believe that we are masters of our own fate..we just need to start believing that the task set to us aint above our strength.. I definitely wish to run my own race..after all oppurtunity is jus so god damn rare.. n i surely want to " soak it up like a sponge "
On that POSITIVE NOTE , buhbye ;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

...after a long time :-)...

Saying its been a quite sometime since i wrote in this blog would be an understatement.... Long time overdue :-)

To be honest..been stressed out..heart feels very heavy.. reasons? well, this & that.. too many to actually mention..
For tha past week and a half now..even after a hectic day.. im leftalone in my room.. pondering..about the cause for the lump in my throat and then.. a memory out of the corner of my head to trouble me even more!!
Tears slowly trickle down.. well, crying maybe child-like.. but sometimes crying just makes me feel so good..
This is mostly followed by an urge to share the heaviness with someone... yet again.. the question arises who..Who can you trust.. to understand every syllable ..
Whats unfortunate is that most of the time,feelings are just misinterpreted for a "a stunt for sympathy" or even worse "trying to gain attention" i prefer to cry to myself..And many seem to be of the opinion that even if im happy my happiness is always irrational and short-lived!
In my defence.. i can only say,unfortunaltely for me..the pain just runs a little deeper than it actually seems like..and is a lot moreillogical...i really envy those people who are so beautifullyoptimistic in life..When i see these people im just utterlybewildered..and wishing i could switch places..
When things go real bad.. rough.. when uncertainity creeps into me..make me feel really bad,i'm left helpless..i play a song and cry silently through the night..questionin God why ... accusing Him for everythin.. slowly dozing off..A week later.. if and when things are jus seems so stupid..coz it was a mere wate of time..but i guess Crying really helps sometimes
A few days back i was just the full sense of it.. It seemed angels were actually surrounding me .. not lettin even a whiff of sadnessof any cause for it near me.. but alas.. i should have known .. this cant be my life!Now i'm just howling and its because I've discovered yet again that lifain't that simple... In fact it aint even close to being "simple"..Andit doesn't help that none of the people I'm howling for will ever see my point of view..
And yet again i was touched..incredibly touched that there are people(can actually count them on number tips) who are concerned. Peoplewho aren't even family but who care enough to think about me when I'mnot doing it myself..glad about that!

The only thing that's keeping me going right now is the thought that everything passes.. The worst of days go from being a reality to a mere memory..

anyway, on that note . i'm just signing off..