Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childhood !

Hello! .. Im back !!!

I always knew that childhood with all its innocence is preferable to life as an adult but never thought why it was so . Today I realized why.

I was going out to get some official work done and nobody was at home so I had to lock the place and leave. This was not the first time I was doing that but I did realize at that moment ki how many things I had to remember all by myself . Locking the door , placing the keys in the pocket and not anywhere else , carrying a jacket since it was raining , carrying my bike keys ( this is not a feat but if i forget the bike keys I need to unlock the door and get in again , the folks who wear reasonably tight jeans would know that its not very comfortable to fish out a key from the pocket) and at last I have to be sure that I am carrying all the documents/licenses etc. that will be required to accomplish the work I set out for.

The above para describes what almost everyone does but as a child we never had to do all that , my mom always packed or atleast helped me to pack what I needed to take , even if I forgot the bike keys I could knock and ask for the keys. In short,childhood was all about our needs ( and obviously our greeds .. lol ) being taken care of . This was really an eyeopener for me . No wonder Shankar Mahadevan was stating an universal truth in his song "Tuje sab kuch pata hai naa maa".

Children do not have financial concerns , no phone bills , no cell recharge( modern kids are hi-fi , I know that ),no insurance premiums and no loan installments.They care a damn about inflation because they know "mummy is the best" and "my daddy strongest" and that they will provide for their needs no matter how much Wall Street crashes , no matter how many Dalals get screwed at Dalal street.

I remember watching one of Rishi Nityrapgyaji's talks on youtube where he stressed about building one's own support system to serve others . This I feel is crucial for adults - one should not rely on only one's own family and friends but be able to accept this whole world as one's own family ... As the wonderful Sri Sri says "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" ( " One world family ") ... More on this in the next post , also considering to start a new blog .. but you gotta wait to know what its all about .... till then God Bless!!!


Arvy said...

simple..... wear a anti fit or a low waist jean.. preferably with six pockets... n of course u r ryt abt mom.. she knws evrythg!!!

Sunand K Nambiar said...

nice post

bhavna said...

childhood is something we all reminisce about, but i think its for something deeper than lack of responsibility. yes that too, but also, fearlessness, purity, put a child infront on a devil without him knowing that that is a devil, he feels no fear. only he who who has not hurt another experiences fearlessness, peace of mind, purity of thought, god within our reach...

i think this is also why we sometimes wish we could go back to childhood, and why every human, loves the sight/touch/sound of a new born babe, black white or brown... but even wishing to go back is escapism, we have to create and maintain those conditions in adulthood, "3 idiots", keep the child n idealist alive in us, not by our words only, but by our actions, and dont tell me how tough that is, i know