Monday, September 22, 2008

Engineers From The Heart

“You can do it!” and “Follow your dreams!” We’ve all heard these speeches at that crucial point in our lives when we had to make a career decision. Many of us grapple with issues as to whether the career we have chosen is right or have a made a grave mistake. Fortunately, I am not one among those unlucky ones.

Currently doing my Third Year in Engineering, I consider myself blessed to be in this profession. As I have understood, we Engineers are the Creators. Initially, I was of the opinion that College life would be so much fun that it would leave lasting memories that I could take to my grave. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. During my 1st year, I really didn’t think this profession was different from any other. The only reason I studied was Exams and the only time I studied was 20 days before exams and of course, I was happy to just clear all papers. As time passed by, things weren’t smooth. I messed up my 3rd semester, which I regret till day. That was when I put my thinking cap on. That is precisely when I realized how I’d been wasting my Engineering life. All said & done, I realized ultimately its how much one wants to absorb that makes all the difference.

Good, bad or otherwise, people who are in the limelight are filmstars, sportstars, Politicians, Lawyers, and Doctors. However, we ‘Creators’ always remain behind the scene. Even if some were in the limelight, I am sure it happened only after they had long been gone. In a world where technology dominates, unfortunately, I have never heard someone say, "I wonder which engineer designed this product"; but I always hear "who is in this film?"

The question I would ask is 'would you rather be rich or famous?' People who want riches more than fame may possibly choose the career path of engineers (Please note: I am not saying that engineers are filthy rich, but they are smart with the money they makeJ).

Hoping I’m not being too “preachy”, I appeal to all the Engineers & other techies reading this- Make the most of yourself as an engineer. And yes- always put Human’s welfare as the prime factor in whatever you do. As far as possible, avoid making claims about future developments unless we know how to fulfill them. Aim for intellectual positions not for flashy jobs.

If you’re worthy enough, the world will notice u – Maybe not within your lifetime, but definitely your work will be spoken of one day. We are a society that appreciates worthlessness, so the lesser we are appreciated, the better J

P.S: This topic was given by Assets.


Anand Jage said...

you can be engineer and famous both!
there must be a way isn't it..

Floyd said...

if one is dynamic like Azim Premji or Narayan Murthy , then one can definitely be famous despite being an engineer :)

Arvy said...

make sure u aspire for something in life.. sure u will get there one day.. & make sure u dont aspire for the wrong thing !!!