Friday, November 28, 2008


Om Namah Shivaya ...

Mumbai burning? ... Mumbai on siege?

Give me a break ... Come on .... for heaven's sake , this is 2008 !.... are we really safe?

What can I do on my part to prevent such acts?

In a dark room ... even a small candle or for that matter even a matchstick can dispel the darkness.I need to do those small acts everyday .

Friday, November 21, 2008

The DO-STUNNER (~dostana~) Effect


Feels good to be blogging again in a span of just a day ... a record of sorts which I dont mind and to you it does not matter.

Art imitates life and life imitates art ... 20 yrs back most people ( atleast in India ) were almost ignorant about the existence of homosexuals and considered such individuals as perverted and abnormal.However the fact that people do not accept homosexuality does not stop nature from manufacturing them . Indian spiritual texts never have the clear cut segregation of the genders which is a creation of the western world. Every man has feminine qualities to an extent(which is variable!) and the same holds true for every woman.

Recently , two movies Dostana and Fashion had heavy gay characterisation throwing light on the fact that homosexuality is no horror but a way of life and is merely another sexual orientation .

Perhaps this had to happen in this Big Bang fashion through the medium of cinema because in modern India homosexuals have been marginalized and have been forced to live the 'so-called' NORMAL life of having families,rearing kids and the like.

Similarly,there is a psychiatric treatment to alter the sexual orientation of children who exhibit affinity towards the same gender . The process followed is to show the child pictures of the opposite sex and reward the child for showing attraction . This is really a criminal act because it is an attempt to suppress a human's basic sexual nature and impose an artificial sexuality just for the sake of social acceptance.

'Live and let live ' has always been the spirit of India since time immemorial and maybe no more wil it be uncool for gay men to say " aadmi hoon aadmi se pyar karta hoon" ;)

God Bless !

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts !


Its been more then 50 days that I have not blogged .... The pace of life has definitely changed for me. From the laid back , sussegad college life in Goa to the life of a stereotypical fresher software professional in a dusty city Pune ( by the way , I never call it Poona :) ). The people out here consider us Goans lucky ( " Lucky buggers !" is the common reaction we get ) .

Change is inevitable and I have to move along with the tide . I still do not know where the search will end ..
perhaps it wont end ...
but I keep learning
and learning
and learning .

The quest for completeness ( THE COMPLETE MAN was once a tag line for some brand )does not end or does it ?! ....
A survey indicated that only 1% people do what they really love ... the rest work !
I work in that case .... Carlyle said "Blessed is the one who has found his work" .. maybe I will ...

Life keeps us guessing .. doesnt it ?
Everything is the diametric opposite of nothing ...
but the moment one gets everything .. you get back to square one i.e NOtHing!

This Leela or play of life is never ending ..
not always colourful but sometimes black and white .
Sometimes bumpy , SOmetimes smooth.

Happiness is all about straightening question marks into exclamation marks or compelting the questions marks into light bulbs.

As the song goes Que Sera Sera whatever will be , will be .. the future's not ours to say ... Que Sera Sera ~~~.