Thursday, September 4, 2008

1o1 REasons to Go vEg !!!!!!!

Guys I found these wonderful 101 points that prove why one needs to turn veggie . I'll mention a few of those facts in this post and I sincerely hope you people will read it and go veg for your own good and the good of this whole world.

# Every year in the UK we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation

# 20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater

# Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world

# The destruction of the rainforest by cattle farmers is destroying the lungs of the planet & reducing the worlds capacity to replenish our oxygen supply

# 25 gallons of water to produce 1lb of wheat & 2500 gallons to produce 1lb of meat

Now , some cruel ones that make me sad .....

# Fishermen's nets kill 10 times as many other animals as the fish they are hoping to catch

# Fish caught in nets die an agonising slow death of suffocation

# Unwanted male chicks (because they can't lay eggs) are gassed or pulped while their sisters go to the battery sheds.

# Chicks are debeaked without anaesthetic to prevent them injuring each other in the unnaturally confined conditions they are kept in - this is equivalent to having your fingernails pulled out without anaesthetic

And few health hazards ...

# Meat eaters have double the rate of Alzheimers disease as Vegans & Vegetarians - some people also think that Parkinsons disease is also linked to meat eating.

# Meat eaters are two and a half times more likely to get bowel cancer than Vegetarians.

# Of 2,100,000 deaths in the USA in 1987, 1,500,000 were related to diet (ie. meat & dairy)

If you've read this far, I hope that you are beginning to see that the Meat & Dairy industry is a major contributor to misery on this planet. It is destroying the health of people in rich countries, starving those in poor countries, it is torturing & killing billions of animals every year and in the meantime it is one of the major factors in the destruction of the environment - so what does the meat & dairy industry have to say in it's defence?

Well their only real point is usually "Meat is tasty" - fair enough a lot of people enjoy the taste of meat - but there are plenty of delicious alternatives (just consider the huge range of vegetarian dishes in Indian cooking - one of the oldest & most sophisticated cuisines in the world) and if you really crave meat & dairy, nowadays there are plenty of healthy non animal alternatives - just look in the supermarket & health food shop. So I hope you will agree it's pretty pathetic to consider all the evidence & then say "well I know you're right about the environment & health & the animals - but I just love my meat"

The remaining complete 101 points can be found on

Also , thankful to my fav bloggers Bawaji and Dineshji from whose blogpost I have been inspired to write this.


sandy said...

r u a veg???

or propagating it :)

Floyd said...

I hav turned fully veg this year itself and It really feels damn good.

sandy said...

well myself pure veg too