Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visit to OSHO meditation resort


Well,the long cherished desire to visit OSHO aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's ashram (more appropriately called a meditation resort)has at last been fulfilled.Today,I went for a 1-hour guided tour of this beautiful paradise.As heard and expected the place was extravagant and over the top.It is very cool and happening (for its residents) and yet it lies in nature's lap which makes it ideal for spirituality as well as frolic.

You may wonder why I am so excited about having been to OSHO ashram.Osho,through his books introduced me to the world of spirituality .The media has coined the term 'new age spirituality' to describe such beliefs or practices , but it is essentially old wine in new bottles.In the spiritual realm there exists no differences of religion,race,gender etc. Osho's teachings stressed on meditation.This Zen master was of the opinion that salvation or 'nirvana' or 'moksha' can be attained only through meditation.

Osho also had many revolutionary ideas which more often than not landed him in controversy. I will write more about those beliefs and controversies in the future.

Open your wings,
there is nothing to fear,
nothing to lose.
Just be open to the sun,
the stars....

Bye for now!

God Bless!