Monday, April 14, 2008

Waste Of Time on CRAP ( By Floyd)

Hey !!! ... hws life?

TV !!! ... the very name of the idiot box used to make me excited a year ago. TV was synonymous to entertainment and education called as 'edutainment' and Im not talking about Discovery or NatGeo. I mean to say things used to be quite sensible and creative even on the channels watched by the common man.

What pisses me off the most are the 'bakvaas' news channels that air crappy stories with no truth and of no consequence to anyone. Now, there is really no way one can keep a count of the number of such channels being aired.I also realize that this is just the beginning of the end of sensible television.


IPL,ICL and what not......

The coming of the Indian Premier League will mean more cricket ,more entertainment and more waste of time . I find it absurd that people who will never play the game,sit for hours together and watch 11 men scratching their crotches on field.

It is understandable that youngsters who play cricket watch it to learn new tricks which they can put to practice when they play,but how does a pot-bellied 40 yr old who cant walk 5mins justify such waste of time? and their silly daughters fantasize cricketers rather then watching the game . I feel that creativity and health take a backseat because of this .It is indeed very sad . The same 40 yr old gentleman could have gone to the park for a walk instead of lying on the couch. He could have shared some of his experiences in life with his silly daughter or taught her some creative art or craft which he knows.

But he rather choses to invest his time to gurantee himself a bypass surgery at the age of 45 so that his poor wife has to cry rivers and be worried about the future of his children.By the way , he also invests his time to make sure that business people like Vijay Mallya ,SRK and Preity Zinta get richer.

Sorry all ya cricket fans .. but this is the TRUTH and it is BITTER ... bye for now!!!

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