Friday, September 25, 2009

Studies Again!


Just when I thought I had completed one study-free year after finishing my engineering degree, I decided to make things more 'exciting' by enrolling for my masters.Its been a little more then a month and my mid-sem exams are fast approaching. In short , I need to get back to books.

Lots of unread portion and little time ... that has always been the case with me . It only leads to my long study sessions where I sit in the company of my books and learn and learn and learn more. Water is important since I like to read aloud while studying.One thing I will miss this time is my mom - her talks , stories and of course the snacks and meals which came at very regular intervals.I am not the types who can sit for hours together and go on cramming.

There are two ways I make myself study , one is to really try and enjoy the content and when this doesn't work I put my endurance to test and keep going. Of late though , I feel enjoying and studying is more cool and agreeable to the human body and mind.

I plan a study marathon for the next three days but will take breaks and enjoy the evenings .

God Bless.