Sunday, January 27, 2008

Silence Aint All That Golden ...... By Floyd

I need to apologize to the readers of this blog for delaying this post . I really dont have any genuine excuses except my laziness. Now you will be wondering as to what I've been up to during this period . Your wrong if you think I've been busy enjoying Christmas or new year . Wrong again , if you think i've been busy with studies and no im not in love or for that that matter im not even doing MD ( MD mane multiple dating , not the medical qualification).

I know , I know

You are screaming and tearing your hair ,


This holiday season has been a period of silence and reflection . It is surprising though that the outcome of silence is not very calm cos solitude raises some uncomfortable questions .

Questions about life and its purpose .

All of us really live in a drugged state , we try to get caught up in something , we try to stay busy . All this , just in order to prevent the feeling of restlessness within. One fine day we need to kick the buck and no trace of us is left . Nobody really weeps for the dead person ,the so-called loved ones weep for themselves.Then there is a re-birth ,some people say that the unborn child is very tranquil in the mothers womb while others say that the child hangs by the umbilical cord and is the most uncomfortable position , I don't know which of it is true.Anyways once born we strive to make the same mistakes and again leave .

Catholics who take their religion's teachings in literal terms visualize a physical heaven and hell ( HOW ABSURD AND SILLY !!!) after death .Such people pose as do-gooders with the hope that they will get the ticket to heaven . They are selfish people wearing the masks of angels ( trust me , im talking from experience ).

Ultimately the purpose of life remains unclear. I dont know why I always get caught up in such queries . The futility or superficiality of my life and those around me really haunts me . This is a quest that should go on .........

Amigo , thats all for now .... Please share your view with me about what i just wrote .

God Bless !!!

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