Sunday, November 8, 2009

Choice to choose

When there are two equally good options it is really gets tough to choose . I remember senior Art of Living teacher Bawa once writing that it is tough to choose when you two equally irresistible options like a sexy girl or a rich girl. It is so true , but my experience is that the very moment a choice is given ( even not so irresistible) , then confusion follows.

What is the sensible thing to do in such situations?

I really don't know as of now , but I feel that if one has the foresight or visibility of the future one should choose the option that gives long term gain ( with possibly short term pain ) .

What if that visibility is not available at the moment?

Then , I wonder how does one choose? ... maybe go for a random pick and hope for the best :) or postpone the decision till the options eliminate themselves and you are forced to choose what you get. LOL!!!

play of life , myriad emotions
splash of expressions ,
clash of impressions ,
But the fact of the matter being,
it doesn't even matter

All for now ... God Bless!