Monday, September 8, 2008

The life i would love to have!

Well, when i was young.. i mean the kiddo age ;-) , iused to relate to the serials as though they were a reflecting my own life.. As i said, this was when i was a child.. hmm.. anyway, i am certain you would agree when i say .. today there is absolutely no resemblence of the serials to our lives as we know it..its more like an escape from our less-than ordinary lives !

For instance..Friends..I'm sure you all have watched atleast once in your life..Even if any of the six are jobless or even in a job with a meagre salary.. they seem to don the best attire.Their up.. hair.. everythin seems so though they are standing for the Miss World pageant
All they do is hang out at the Central Perk's coffee shop..which, appalingly , seems to be free for the 6 all the time..How they get any work done is miraculous.
Anyway, this aint the only show.. Ever seen the OC ? Yes yes tha same one starring the hot Marissa Cooper..and of course the other chicks in the serial.What i am baffled about id that the Cohen & Cooper siblings never seem to tax themselves with studies.. yet manage to get into some of the best Universities..Ah.. how i wish that happenedin my life!
Sex and the City really puts me in awe.The men and the women all seem to have perfect looks.Wake up in bedone morning (next to some random guy u'd hooked up withthe previous night) with the drapes covered so that notan extra inch is visible..snogging goes on even without brushing... eoww!
I just wonder, these stereotype serials concentrate on so much unwanted & unnecessary stuff..and yes, an unbelievable story outline.
Most of you wouldnt agree with me and say we are only appreciate the hard work they have put in to make serial ..blah blah
But,wouldnt we appreciate it more if it were more realistic?
Ohh by the way, i do watch all these soaps pretty intently..whenever i get the time to.. but continue critising them ;-)
c ya..


Floyd said...

dats a gr8 way to put it .... bt trust me .. such a stereotypical life
without adversity wud b vry boring

Aparna said...

Well totally unrealistic story seem to take a head over many people!!

Thats what soaps are!

Indian soaps are even worse they magnify the negative reality! :P Many retired people waste a lot of time in front of the tv!

hmm !!

Jai Gurudev!

Aparna said...

i wonder y you name your blog
"Flowing ashes"

Floyd said...

Jai Gurudev!
Hi Aparna

when we strtd off this blog almost a yr back ... there were two of us authoring this blog namely Aishwarya (ashes) and myself Floyd ( Flow-ing)... so i guess u got the how we derived the name of our blogg

Arvy said...

wish i dint see the other Comments... specially the the 1 which says about the name "FLOWING ASHES"... yup m jeolous..coming back, please leave "FRIENDS" series aside.. i m a big fan.. stereotype serials huh!! atleast tht 30mins we forget the world n laugh.. thn whts ur problem?