Monday, September 22, 2008

Engineers From The Heart

“You can do it!” and “Follow your dreams!” We’ve all heard these speeches at that crucial point in our lives when we had to make a career decision. Many of us grapple with issues as to whether the career we have chosen is right or have a made a grave mistake. Fortunately, I am not one among those unlucky ones.

Currently doing my Third Year in Engineering, I consider myself blessed to be in this profession. As I have understood, we Engineers are the Creators. Initially, I was of the opinion that College life would be so much fun that it would leave lasting memories that I could take to my grave. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. During my 1st year, I really didn’t think this profession was different from any other. The only reason I studied was Exams and the only time I studied was 20 days before exams and of course, I was happy to just clear all papers. As time passed by, things weren’t smooth. I messed up my 3rd semester, which I regret till day. That was when I put my thinking cap on. That is precisely when I realized how I’d been wasting my Engineering life. All said & done, I realized ultimately its how much one wants to absorb that makes all the difference.

Good, bad or otherwise, people who are in the limelight are filmstars, sportstars, Politicians, Lawyers, and Doctors. However, we ‘Creators’ always remain behind the scene. Even if some were in the limelight, I am sure it happened only after they had long been gone. In a world where technology dominates, unfortunately, I have never heard someone say, "I wonder which engineer designed this product"; but I always hear "who is in this film?"

The question I would ask is 'would you rather be rich or famous?' People who want riches more than fame may possibly choose the career path of engineers (Please note: I am not saying that engineers are filthy rich, but they are smart with the money they makeJ).

Hoping I’m not being too “preachy”, I appeal to all the Engineers & other techies reading this- Make the most of yourself as an engineer. And yes- always put Human’s welfare as the prime factor in whatever you do. As far as possible, avoid making claims about future developments unless we know how to fulfill them. Aim for intellectual positions not for flashy jobs.

If you’re worthy enough, the world will notice u – Maybe not within your lifetime, but definitely your work will be spoken of one day. We are a society that appreciates worthlessness, so the lesser we are appreciated, the better J

P.S: This topic was given by Assets.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childhood !

Hello! .. Im back !!!

I always knew that childhood with all its innocence is preferable to life as an adult but never thought why it was so . Today I realized why.

I was going out to get some official work done and nobody was at home so I had to lock the place and leave. This was not the first time I was doing that but I did realize at that moment ki how many things I had to remember all by myself . Locking the door , placing the keys in the pocket and not anywhere else , carrying a jacket since it was raining , carrying my bike keys ( this is not a feat but if i forget the bike keys I need to unlock the door and get in again , the folks who wear reasonably tight jeans would know that its not very comfortable to fish out a key from the pocket) and at last I have to be sure that I am carrying all the documents/licenses etc. that will be required to accomplish the work I set out for.

The above para describes what almost everyone does but as a child we never had to do all that , my mom always packed or atleast helped me to pack what I needed to take , even if I forgot the bike keys I could knock and ask for the keys. In short,childhood was all about our needs ( and obviously our greeds .. lol ) being taken care of . This was really an eyeopener for me . No wonder Shankar Mahadevan was stating an universal truth in his song "Tuje sab kuch pata hai naa maa".

Children do not have financial concerns , no phone bills , no cell recharge( modern kids are hi-fi , I know that ),no insurance premiums and no loan installments.They care a damn about inflation because they know "mummy is the best" and "my daddy strongest" and that they will provide for their needs no matter how much Wall Street crashes , no matter how many Dalals get screwed at Dalal street.

I remember watching one of Rishi Nityrapgyaji's talks on youtube where he stressed about building one's own support system to serve others . This I feel is crucial for adults - one should not rely on only one's own family and friends but be able to accept this whole world as one's own family ... As the wonderful Sri Sri says "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" ( " One world family ") ... More on this in the next post , also considering to start a new blog .. but you gotta wait to know what its all about .... till then God Bless!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The life i would love to have!

Well, when i was young.. i mean the kiddo age ;-) , iused to relate to the serials as though they were a reflecting my own life.. As i said, this was when i was a child.. hmm.. anyway, i am certain you would agree when i say .. today there is absolutely no resemblence of the serials to our lives as we know it..its more like an escape from our less-than ordinary lives !

For instance..Friends..I'm sure you all have watched atleast once in your life..Even if any of the six are jobless or even in a job with a meagre salary.. they seem to don the best attire.Their up.. hair.. everythin seems so though they are standing for the Miss World pageant
All they do is hang out at the Central Perk's coffee shop..which, appalingly , seems to be free for the 6 all the time..How they get any work done is miraculous.
Anyway, this aint the only show.. Ever seen the OC ? Yes yes tha same one starring the hot Marissa Cooper..and of course the other chicks in the serial.What i am baffled about id that the Cohen & Cooper siblings never seem to tax themselves with studies.. yet manage to get into some of the best Universities..Ah.. how i wish that happenedin my life!
Sex and the City really puts me in awe.The men and the women all seem to have perfect looks.Wake up in bedone morning (next to some random guy u'd hooked up withthe previous night) with the drapes covered so that notan extra inch is visible..snogging goes on even without brushing... eoww!
I just wonder, these stereotype serials concentrate on so much unwanted & unnecessary stuff..and yes, an unbelievable story outline.
Most of you wouldnt agree with me and say we are only appreciate the hard work they have put in to make serial ..blah blah
But,wouldnt we appreciate it more if it were more realistic?
Ohh by the way, i do watch all these soaps pretty intently..whenever i get the time to.. but continue critising them ;-)
c ya..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1o1 REasons to Go vEg !!!!!!!

Guys I found these wonderful 101 points that prove why one needs to turn veggie . I'll mention a few of those facts in this post and I sincerely hope you people will read it and go veg for your own good and the good of this whole world.

# Every year in the UK we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation

# 20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater

# Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world

# The destruction of the rainforest by cattle farmers is destroying the lungs of the planet & reducing the worlds capacity to replenish our oxygen supply

# 25 gallons of water to produce 1lb of wheat & 2500 gallons to produce 1lb of meat

Now , some cruel ones that make me sad .....

# Fishermen's nets kill 10 times as many other animals as the fish they are hoping to catch

# Fish caught in nets die an agonising slow death of suffocation

# Unwanted male chicks (because they can't lay eggs) are gassed or pulped while their sisters go to the battery sheds.

# Chicks are debeaked without anaesthetic to prevent them injuring each other in the unnaturally confined conditions they are kept in - this is equivalent to having your fingernails pulled out without anaesthetic

And few health hazards ...

# Meat eaters have double the rate of Alzheimers disease as Vegans & Vegetarians - some people also think that Parkinsons disease is also linked to meat eating.

# Meat eaters are two and a half times more likely to get bowel cancer than Vegetarians.

# Of 2,100,000 deaths in the USA in 1987, 1,500,000 were related to diet (ie. meat & dairy)

If you've read this far, I hope that you are beginning to see that the Meat & Dairy industry is a major contributor to misery on this planet. It is destroying the health of people in rich countries, starving those in poor countries, it is torturing & killing billions of animals every year and in the meantime it is one of the major factors in the destruction of the environment - so what does the meat & dairy industry have to say in it's defence?

Well their only real point is usually "Meat is tasty" - fair enough a lot of people enjoy the taste of meat - but there are plenty of delicious alternatives (just consider the huge range of vegetarian dishes in Indian cooking - one of the oldest & most sophisticated cuisines in the world) and if you really crave meat & dairy, nowadays there are plenty of healthy non animal alternatives - just look in the supermarket & health food shop. So I hope you will agree it's pretty pathetic to consider all the evidence & then say "well I know you're right about the environment & health & the animals - but I just love my meat"

The remaining complete 101 points can be found on

Also , thankful to my fav bloggers Bawaji and Dineshji from whose blogpost I have been inspired to write this.