Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello Friends

Many times I come across people who only want to talk ... with them its always a monologue not a dialogue ... they do not hear and surely they never listen to the other party in a conversation ... its strange but true.

The golden saying of the days of yore , "Silence is Golden" is hardly understood by anyone today . Anil Ambani and Sunil Bharti Mittal will like this kinda state of affairs because its chatter that keeps their telecom networks running and their cash register ringing . The subtle invisible beauty of silence is not appreciated.

Self-help books -- Do they help ??

The other day I entered a bookshop ... that particular bookshop had so many motivational or self-improvement books ... Dale Carnegie , Robin Sharma , Deepak Chopra etc. all trying to make their presence felt on the bookshelves with catchy titles for their boooks . These books do sell like hot cakes but do they serve the purpose for which they are written ?? .. I dont think so ... reading motivational books has helped me to be positive and driven only for a few days ... but with the daily grind and nudges of reality ( which keep getting harder), one really cant apply the knowledge gained . No doubt one gains knowledge and tips that are handy , it can lead to changes but not a transformation . The authors of these books do conduct such workshops/seminars which give hands-on practical techniques to bring about transformation but the onus lies on you to incorporate those practices in your daily routine .

Thats all for now ... take care ... Enjoy !!!

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My Musings... said...

i know..i try to keep that in mind every time i enter a conversation. but its kinda difficult, especially, if you want to get your point across:).