Tuesday, December 25, 2007

helloo all.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Well, recently.. wen i was jus perusing the newspaper...i came across this caption "the Damsel & the distress"..
The first thought that came to my mind was that o the Indian Cinema.. Man o man..
if not for those musicals..the union of the beautiful women n beastly men would be
its kinda rude but unfortunately its true.. n this can be illustrated with
innumerable examples..
we had the Fearless Nadia.. Meena Kumari.. Waheeda Rahman..Nargis..Sadhana..
Sharmila Tagore.. Hema malini.. Rekha..Madhuri Dixit.. Aishwarya Rai.. Tabu ,
karishma kapoor... try n conjure up these faces... this is a list at random in no
particular order...n i could go on..
Honestly i dont think that all o these were/are stunners but most SANE MOVIE-GOERS
would allow that, personal preferences apart.. these were attractive n personable
Now consider the men..Prem Adib.. Kishore Kumar..Raj Kapoor.. Dilip Kumar..
DEV ANAND!!.. Sashi kapoor.. DHARMENDER!!.. Amitabh Bachchan.. GOVINDA!! mithun
chakraborty.. Shah rukh Khan.. Hrithik Roshan... Sunil Shetty..Sunny deol.. n so on
now the extraordinary thin abt this list is tht is that the men who figure in it..
are by most standards o male beauty.. aggressively unbeautiful...

Our HEROES.. however charmin they may be.. have a physical presence of a cupboard..
wearing a dressing gown... superstars tho they may be..looked upholstered for
most of their careers..
And yet, these men were serious stars!!!!!!!!
the more u luk deeply at the face of Indian cinema,the more u l find Fat..
Lipsticked men..with Pencilled moustaches!!!!

that led me to the question .. why the F@#* does the indian cinema have to deal
with beautiful women but ugly men???it could be b'cz the audience for popular
cinema is disproportionately made up of young, desperate, thwarted men.. to whom
the herione's sex appeal matters much more than the hero's appearance..
sounds plausible doesnt it??

Well.. Indian Television is no better... i wonder for how much time can u really
flog a story?? well,if u r a "Star" channel... then ur a master at it...
jus the other day i was flipping thru channels.. n i saw Star News showin a.. um..
wat did they call it.. "a never-seen-b4-" video of the aishwarya-abhishek marriage..
first of all.. i m of the opinion that our news channels concentrate too much about
the lives of the cinema celebrities... how many of us are indeed really bothered
about them gettin married o kareena-Shahid break up???
its high time the channels realise that the majority .. (i say majority cz there are
a few who r actually interested in such thins)...DONT CARE A DAMN!!!
Are they tryin to show how ash puts d garland over abhishek.. unless ur from d
circus..how differently can ne1 put a garland around sm1 else's neck!??

oh wait there's more to it.. not to forget the SICKLY SOAPS!!!! its understandable
that channels are going head-to-head on the results.. but i ve a sinking feeling
that the audience is definitly not gona appreciate um.. CRAP!!!!!..

I hope this sad state of affairs in the Indian cinema as well as television ends
soon.. n we get to watch a few worthwhile stuffs..

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