Friday, April 3, 2009

Election fever on !

Election fever is on ! Actually, one cant help feeling that all this circus of electoral politics is a big bad joke, which is surely entertaining but its outcome is always disappointing.There are many campaigns these days that are urging people , especially the youth , to go out there and vote.If the youth ( and the young at heart ) take this seriously , it will be the first step of India's awakening.Atleast, we wont feel helpless and hopeless about the future of our democracy.Youth can responsibly vote this time and try to track the progress of the new government.The ultimate step should be to form a party comprising truly dedicated members.Many times I feel there can be no utopia but small steps to make the world a better place should be taken.
I wish  there were no reservations !
I further wish there was no mention of religion / caste in any offiicial doceuments of a person. Religion/caste should be the person's own business not to be bothered about by the authorities
I wish!
Bye for now .. God Bless!!!!

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