Friday, May 29, 2009

Wish on !


I am on a roll . Yesterday when I was doing a mini revamp of the appearance of my blog I noticed that this month I posted more then I ever did in any other month . I am loving it ! ( not crappy McDonald's ). Talking about McDonald's it is funny how junk food (with the apparent 'yum' factor ) starts losing its taste after one commits to healthy eating . This mind can do wonders , all creations starts in the mind , and so many things get over in this mind.When I was younger , in my early college days I used to love thinking about winning a lottery and what I will do after winning the lottery. Trust me , at that point of time , when I used to be penniless this feeling was so thrilling.As time passed I realized that money does not grow like fruit on trees and earning even a few bucks aint child's play. Being realistic is good but sometimes it deprives you.

Thoda wish karo , thoda dish karo
That is a great tag line .

I read it as Thoda wish karo,thodi koshish karo.

May all our sweet desires be fulfilled.

God Bless!

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