Friday, June 5, 2009

From my balcao :)


When I was a school going kid , the month of June heralded the start of the monsoons in my coastal hometown Goa . Infact , there were mango showers in the month of May which did provide some reprieve from the heat for a while but led to very sticky and sultry days after that. Thanks to the power department every pre-monsoon shower was accompanied with power cuts in the night.


Just sitting with my mom and enjoying a chat after dinner . Goa is ( or used to be ) famous for its balcao ( Portuguese for balcony ) gossips .These balcaos were really symbolic of Goa’s sussegad ( again Portuguese , this time it means ‘laidback’) lifestyle . We were not fortunate to have a balcao in the traditional style but still moms can’t be beaten. The umbilical chord perhaps never gets severed.

I don’t expect such rains in Pune . In fact I have stopped expecting them in Goa too. Goa is the girl who is all beautiful on the outside but is subjected to incestuous rape behind the scenes. It is sad. The situation is getting worse. The River Princess is screwing up the beaches of Goa .

Noodles ki Jai! … My dinner is ready … Ciao!

God Bless!

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