Friday, December 19, 2008

Cost Cutting Ka Zamana Hai Bhai !

Cost cutting is perhaps one of the most commonly used phrases in recent days . The recession has indeed affected everyone a big deal and now rigorous application of cost cutting fundas seems the best way out for most organisations/institutions/individuals.
(hope the liberal uses of slashes (/) doesn’t make my post look like some silly application form !).

As I was perusing the papers last Sunday I was astonished to discover that even our rich and famous Bollywood stars have started applying cost cutting fundas in their daily life.Filmstars are trying to cut down on parties , car travel among many other extravagant costs which comprise their ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle.

It is already very clear that most if not all IT companies in India are in the process of rigorous cost cutting which implies loss of jobs for many people and an overall sentiment of insecurity among the employees. Call it sad or unfortunate but that is the reality of today . It makes many like me question the wisdom in pursuing a professional career.

Despite all this,every event or trend in life, whether good or bad , can be looked at from a funny angle. Doing the same I was wondering what would be the other areas where cost cutting could be applied and here is what I could list,

Dating games : It is a well known fact that going out for dates does costs a lot . Any date comes with a price tag. Young professionals who are business-minded may question these costs . College students who date and hangout at cool places will probably be restricted by their parents .

Safety in bed : Having safe sex not only helps in keeping away all those dreaded STDS including HIV but also helps keep the head count of the family ( and hence the country) under check (-; .A lesser head count entails lesser costs , this knowledge is no rocket science. By the way , stress remains the no.1 killer across the globe ( except for some countries in Africa where HIV leads in that department). In short , make love and not babies.

Use of bicycles : Whatever happened to those days when people used to freely work out their hamstrings by using cycles as the major mode of transport .Jokes apart, I really don’t know why people consider riding a bicycle un-cool. If I were to use a bicycle to ride to work and travel around the city I would be saving more then a thousand bucks every month .

Do tell me in the comments if there are any other areas where you feel cost cutting can be effectively applied ... Till then .. God Bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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