Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas!

This christmas Santa Floyd presents to you my first attempt at poetry .. I did not follow any rules on poetry .. just expressed myself in a somewhat rhyming fashion.

Oh Life tell me Why I exist

Live I through all you give

Pain and joy all amidst

Existence tell me why I live

Seeking should I travel

I don’t, lest I lose my way

Seeking do I marvel

At all flowing its own good way

Restless to wait

Lazy to move

Cannot comprehend any such state

Distant to me is what people call love

Trueness of love

Meaningfulness of life

On this narrow path no rolls Royce had drove

Walked all , chapped feet , an existence of strife

Canines survive on bones

Satisfied by daily manna rest many

Gods reside in stones

To unlock whom its so uncanny

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