Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sad State of Affairs....


Well,a week back the Indian PM Manmohan Singh underwent a bypass surgery and guess what, it was news . I really fail to comprehend what is so great about a bypass surgery.In this era of stress and competition , believe it or not undergoing a bypass surgery is a matter of pride and prestige for many ... sounds odd? ... let me explain... the bypass surgery is something which people boast about in social circles just like they flaunt their SUVs and beautiful wives... a bypass surgery performed abroad is a 'better' status symbol compared to one in an Indian hospital . Similarly,AIIMS bypass is better then a Apollo bypass ... this state of affairs would make anyone laugh , but it really aint a laughing matter.

Coming back to our honorable PM , I respect this man for his academic credentials but at the same time I feel he is not fit to lead our nation . He lacks the charisma and the dynamism that a world leader should have.Subservient to his madam he occupies the chair of PM.This is the second time PM saheb is undergoing a bypass surgery. I wonder whether India will ever have top class and dynamic leaders like Obama .... It is a great thing that age and experience is respected in our culture but I feel that middle-aged or young individuals would be better suited for top leadership.

Why should I pay my hard earned money in taxes to sponsor the medical bills of these aging and ailing leaders?

The common man is responsible for these state of affairs .. a few years back I read about a political party formed by young and dynamic IIT graduates ... as one would guess , they were hardly able to win any votes.

A lot of education is needed to shield people from the 'false promise campaigns'of these rascal politicians belonging mostly to the mainstream parties.It is a very
daunting task but we need to start at some point.

More on this in future posts ... Till then ... God Bless!

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