Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Micky Mouse Taliban


I really find it funny how Mr. Muthalik , the chief of the fanatic organization Ram Sene aspires to be the Bal Thackeray of Karnataka.His modus operandi to do so ? .. well,simple,just send hooligans to beat helpless girls and drive them out of a pub.Actually,the girls who did not pay the bill for the drinks and who didn't get hurt much were lucky ..hehe.Doing this earned him a year's supply of pink undergarments.If he is the metrosexual types he might just enjoy the gift , though showing such likes and dislikes would be a taboo for him .

This cartoon of a man stood with great arrogance despite being arrested for such a cowardly act.The media being his accomplice in the crime.

How did all the news channels know that this fanatic goon would send his men to beat those girls drinking in the pub?

It was an ugly publicity stunt which earned Muthalik nationwide fame and good TRP for news channels.There was a time when I used to respect reporters like Rajdeep Sardessai and Barkha Dutt , but now I realize that they too are 'losers' who have gone paparazzi style to make news stories that will entertain audiences.

'Live and let live' ... that should be the funda for all..stop interfering in other's lives .... in short , grow up !

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