Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting to know people

A few years ago I watched an episode of ‘Rendezvous with Simi Grewal’. For those uninitiated into the world of Indian cinema and TV ,Simi Grewal was an actress who had supposedly appeared nude in the famous movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’ .This episode had featured Leander Paes as the celebrity guest . The tennis ace had said that people matter a lot to him . Getting along with people , establishing good rapport and all other people related aspects have inspired many a author .

Indeed , relationships are very important in life. The chemistry between people is a complicated alchemy which everyone intends to know about but hardly any mere mortal gets a chance to do that. Its funny how people get along differently with different people. The Playful Mystic Shivo feels that past life karma and re-birth can explain a lot about this. I wonder how magnetism gets sparked between individuals. I am sure you must have noticed that some people you meet you can so easily get along and bond with whereas with some it takes time for the roots of friendship to grow deep . It is very strange.

This is the first time Im blogging from a laptop sitting on a mattress in my unfurnished rented apartment in Pune. I am using my roomie and friend Kaushik’s Compaq Presario . No wonder my Guru always says that in Kaliyuga ( the dark age according to ancient Indian scriptures and incidentally it’s this era which we live in.) even the common man enjoys better amenities and luxuries which were not available to kings of the ancient times . Maybe the good old days were not good enough compared to today. On the fly connectivity allows the blogger to blog from anywhere at anytime.

Cities are funny , especially the young crowd . With the advent of IT and BPO companies a lot of youths like me have migrated to cities to be employed . Away from home , the freedom that an independent life affords gives one a chance to live one’s life in a way that one feels is best. There is no perfect way to direct one’s life. Life is a blank canvas waiting for us to color and paint . There are no answers in life and ideally there should be no questions. Immersing oneself in creativity and beauty is bliss.

Tokens of care hidden in casual tones
Sent I through satellite pigeons
It is my luck
Such fortunes await me
Though I squat like a duck.

Hoping to post my next blog very soon ….. God Bless!

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