Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can we rise ?


Easter symbolizes new life .. rising from the ashes!

In a week or two , we Indians get the opportunity to exercise our franchise.Politics is dirty and corrupt in India. Citizens have zero faith in the two major parties.

Will India ever shine in glory ?

I don't think poverty is India's biggest problem anymore .. CORRUPTION is the greatest enemy hindering our nation's progress.

Will Mallika Sarabhai be able to give a fight and come out victorious against the projected PM of the saffron brigade?

There is talk about choosing the 'lesser evil'. I think it is utter crap.Evil cannot be less or more , it is evil and it grows to be more evil.I think the only way government's dirty politics can be kept under check is by people coming on the streets and protesting against the wrong doings.Perhaps we need social reformers and activists who can be the Gandhis and Tilaks of the modern era.I feel all of us should shoulder the responsibility.

God Bless!

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