Friday, May 22, 2009

Time !!!


Time is the torment and time is the healer.Five minutes back I was in no position to write a blog post for the simple reason that I had no ideas in my head . Eureka! .. suddenly a thought came in my mind about time.When we enjoy something and float in the joyful feeling time passes very quickly.Time and tide waits for no man.The same time goes on stretching like a chewing gum if we are not occupied and more importantly if we want time to fly, for example,students waiting for a class to end ( a boring class .. most classes are boring since I don't take them .. lol!... im serious !!! ) . Timepass , also called TP is a common word in India . Time passes fast and sometimes slow . Time heals all our wounds . It is a wonderful healer .

God Bless!

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Dahlia said...


What you wrote about time is very true!! Isnt that why its said that time is relative?? I mean we all have 24 hours and yet some fill it with a lot of fruitful activities and others while away crucial minutes and then complain that there is no time..Just a thought!!