Saturday, May 16, 2009

Count to fate


I am not really interested in political discussions and politics in general but I think the day of vote counting is really interesting . I followed vote counting on TV last year for the assembly elections around this time of the year , it was awesome with Rajdeep Sardessai and all the big news guys speculating in style about the fate of the country.All the silly statistics , crazy trivia and don't forget astro predictions.

A minute back I saw that UPA leads by 250 votes and looks strong on the TOI website.(No TV this time :( )... Looks like our PM cum PA will be back .I think we citizens need to be sensible , form forums and meet our newly elected MPs with our issues .I know this is easier said then done.Convincing a politician and making them fulfill their promises is more difficult then seducing Aishwarya Rai ( ooops! AB baby I forgot she's your wife now , bound to happen after Dostana ;) )

All for this sunny saturday afternoon!

God Bless!

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Ashish said...

Well its a relief that we seem set for a government that should survive its entire tenure....

MPs being made accountable... sigh. I am with you on this one