Monday, May 11, 2009

Something I feel !

The ancient greeks classified love into five types.You can google it out and know all about it. The two main types I reflect upon most of the times are romantic/sensual  love ( eros ) and spiritual love ( agape).In both these forms, not expressing is a way of expressing at times.You will wonder how. Intimacy gets formalised through speech and doesn't leave that anticiaption and thrill.Also, sometimes expressing too early and too frequently leads to clash of egos.What is sacred is meant to be kept secret , that is what my Guru always advocates. The longing may appear painful and testing but it is a necessary ingredient lest we would never appreciate our familiarity and close proximity to the entity we love.
In Paulo Coelho's famous book , The Alchemist , the underlying message was that if we strongly desire for something the entire universe conspires to grant that to us . It is well said in the Bible,
Ask and you shall recieve
Seek and you shall find
knock and the door shall be opened
( I dont remember the exact verses and chapters ;) )
God Bless!

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