Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Secret


Thanks to my internet operator I was forced to dig into the folders of my PC and find out something to keep myself busy after work.This search led me to the documentary of 'The Secret' which was lying unwatched by me. My roomies had watched it , two of them are too lazy (as usual) to apply those things and one guy is applying it . Before watching the movie I was skeptical because I had read many self help books by western authors and to be frank I did not like their ideas especially about affirmations and positive thinking ( I still don't :) ).

After watching the entire documentary I felt that it was in no conflict to what I learned at the Art of Living sessions and the Bible.

Here are some of my conclusions after watching it :

1) The Secret is not a philosophy/school of thought. It is the existential reality.

2) Due to the above point , the Secret cannot be in conflict.

3) The Secret is nothing new but it is a masterpiece only because it has summed up the knowledge very beautifully.

4) Whatever you say or think will manifest . That is what they called 'Tathastu' in India. "Your wish is my command".This is the very reason elderly people in India scold you when you talk about misery or death. Some people ( including me ) usually don't say Bye in India , because Bye means your ending the meeting at that very moment. I use 'see you' , 'cya' or 'ciao' which is more hopeful and the hope is that I will meet the other person many times again.

However , we considered those people superstitious and ignorant . They were blindly following some parts of what is now known as the Secret.

The essence of the Secret is to feel good about things and the doors of possibility will just open. I find it funny when people say they are applying the Secret.The Secret is just feeling good about what you are and what you want.As Sri Sri says "Living life in an expanded state" .

Leave your comments and educate me more about this :). I will love it.

God Bless!

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