Sunday, August 9, 2009


A relaxed Sunday after a long time,relaxed doesn't mean I am spending the day on my bed but it means I get the opportunity to do household chores like cooking , cleaning and so on.My female friends like this part of my bio-data :), The days are not too far when there will be hardcore working women and full fledged homemaker husbands. Can you picture that ?

Last two months Sundays have passed by without me noticing that it was indeed a Sunday.Attending AOL programs , catching up with friends are some of the things that kept my Sundays occupied . Now with the re-scheduling of AOL activities in Pune , I will have a lot of time on my hands. Also , my boss is out of office for the next two days.I plan to catch up on my hobby of cooking during this free time .Hoping to make some rich and delicious dishes.May try some sweet dishes too.

Last time , I wrote about gay rights in India . Though I am straight , I feel India has become freer after this verdict to decriminalize homosexuality.Being narrow minded and restricted is not helping our nation in any case.People who spend their time moral policing on others should use that time constructively to promote the growth and flourish of ancient Indian wisdom like the Mahabharata , ayurveda , hypnosis and the list is endless. I read once that our government spends only 10-20% of the medical budget on alternative medical systems. If this percentage was increased and more funds were pumped , I am sure we would have desi cures for diseases like swine flu.

Thanks for reading .. Till next time .. God Bless!

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