Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd July!!!


As I was deciding or rather wondering what to cook for lunch . The decision also involved whether I should cook in the first place considering the dry taps and limited water here in Pune.

Anyways! ... on 2nd July at last the courts decriminalized homosexuality.Though this judgment vitally affects the lives of few gay people . There are many other opportunists who seek such events to bask in the limelight by making fancy statements about the events.Its funny!

Baba Ramdev has fiercely opposed the move and said that homosexuals are diseased people in need of treatment and nothing else.This is one time I feel the yoga guru has gone a bit too far , but he is entitled to his opinions.

There are also people who said that it is not the state's business as to what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms . That makes sense but there are many dumbos who questioned as to whether should rape , murder , incest and pedophilia happen behind closed doors . These idiots don't even understand what is meant by consenting adults and they want to express their silly opinions and create chaos.

Gay individuals did the most of the new found freedom and have come out of the closet . It is wonderful to see such freedom in out nation.People who oppose this judgment are the same people who have no opposition to 'horny' uncles or despos thrusting and rubbing their groins against females in crowded buses .. yuck!

God Bless our amazing nation!

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Mano-Sphere! said...

You've explained your views very clearly. :)
And I totally agree to the fact the ones who are opposing this judgement don't have any opposition to the obscene behaviour of these despos.