Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reality Shows , Real money

Rakhi Sawant reportedly earns Rs. 60-80 Lakhs per season of her reality show ' Rakhi ka Swayamwar'.

An executive at a major production company says networks pay such actors approximately Rs 10-12 lakh as a one-time signing bonus for reality shows, an additional Rs 2-3 lakh per week for the duration of the show. These actors are also paid for the time they spend rehearsing. Depending on the time such participants last on a show, they end up earning anywhere between Rs15 lakh and Rs30 lakh in less than three months.

Amazing isn't it ?

They earn in three months what I plan to earn in more then three years.

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Tanz said...

Well if you are ready to bitch on tv and make a dork of yourself in front of thousands of viewers who enjoy these shows even you'll earn that much. :)
After all they just supply whats in demand...however sleazy that is.. :p