Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rahul magic

After the IPL drama, Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai. I think there is nothing great about it.
The good news is that India might just be on the verge of a huge revolution. A youth revoultion.
Are we all not tired of seeing ailing politicians?
Rahul Gandhi, probably the most charismatic Indian politician after his dad Rajiv Gandhi is a whiff of fresh air. It is not an exaggeration when people call him the crown prince of India.
However, I think Rahul has good intentions. It is not easy to travel by local trains, meet the aam aadmi and give them hope when your dad and grandma have been assasinated in public.
Also,  the fact that he is doing it in non-election time is very big deal.I have this strong gut feeling that India is moving towards greatness.Rahul is doing a good job by trying to connect with
Common man and more importatntly the youth of our nation.
Let us hope for the best.
More on this in my next post.
God Bless!
DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a Congress Supporter/Gandhi family fan/Rahul Gandhi fan.

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