Friday, April 9, 2010

In anticipation of the unpredictable..

For some people, its a daunting task to clear their mind.. to break free from the constant processing of their brain, while some manage to exercise control over it just as easily.
What i am about to say might just sound like a load of gibberish, then i guess,my gray cells are processing a load of crap..

There is always an influx of questions in my head !One among these is how come I live in anticipation of melancholy to come knocking even wen I am surrounded by the most happiest of moments. Whether it be the satisfaction in my dad's voice to hear i'm going to start out a new venture, or it be the magical words uttered by my beau, sadly, my brain keeps prodding me as to when all of this would vanish!

Seeing people around me who seem to be hassle-free or else unperturbed by any worries is mere frustrating.Call me a sadist,but thats just how i feel.
Makes me wonder, does happiness exist.. or is it a figment of our imagination..if it does exist, then why doesn't it last? Why does it keep distancing itself from me !! :-(
I am faced with multifarious issues everyday.. Some give me satisfaction..some immense pleasure.. but mostly, I am just left with a feeling of emptiness..Is it just my stupid over-working brain that generates these emotions??

Anway, what i have come to realise is that being happy isn’t quite as simple as clearing your papers or getting a job, (both of which i have achieved only after a lot of perseverance) despite what the elders may tell you. We need to dig past the superficiality and realise the true meaning of happiness.
The question as to how to achieve it still gnaws me endlessly, and
I shall leave u with this thought a certain classmate shared with me: "Happiness is like a butterfly, If u run after it, it keeps flying away, but if u stand still, it comes and sits on your shoulder".. Funny pun, isn't it !


Aditi said...

u dis is nt entirely true.. u switch to sadistic moods wen things dont work out fr u.. nt wen ur happy..

maharules said...

its true ... we get our due in sumway or d other ... and dont they say ..."in the end .. all is well, if its not ........then its jus not the end yet "......everyone gets their happy endin ..:)

maharules said...

its true .. and dont they say ?.."in the end all is well , if its not , then its jus not the end yet "........... everyone gets their happy ending :)

aathira said...

ur rite.. u r a sadist... instead o mulling over the fact whether happiness is created by ur mind or nt... u shud try n figure out y u think tht it ur mind thinks so!! :P

Floyd said...

Like the way you connect when you write, I can very much identify with what you described... Keep going!... waiting for your next blog post .. So u better hurry up :)